TIRW — Now On Pinterest


Many of my female friends and co-workers are avid Pinterest users and advocates. These women swear that this social networking site has helped them to become more organized. So, I decided to give it a try.

Unlike the plethora of other social networking sites (such as Snapchat and Instagram), Pinterest can actually help you do things better and enhance your life. One of Pinterest’s greatest achievements has been to help people become better, more creative, or more efficient at cooking, parenting, throwing a party, and even redecorating their home. Pinterest is the only space that allows you to easily save and keep all of your favourite things online in one place.

Since re-immersing myself into this website, I have created a new TIRW board — specifically for my blog. I have found useful articles and other blogs that are similar to mine, and have found new ideas for my own blog posts.