Inside Sydnie’s Swanky Closet

When I first met Sydnie, I immediately fell in love with her innovative ideas, artistic abilities, and resourcefulness. Three years later and she has become an invaluable creative partner and dear friend. What was love at first sight has blossomed into an almost otherworldly collaboration of like-minded right brainers. While working together, we have created some of the most inventive and imaginative pieces of work in my entire career.

Whether we’re in the office designing a new website or meeting up for happy hour, Sydnie always looks the part. She has found the perfect balance of blending the old with the new and mixing the high with the low. She has an uncanny eye for adding the smallest pop of colour or a simple accessory to completely enhance her outfit. I raided Sydnie’s closet to find out how she always manages to look chic, effortless, and on point.

How would you describe your personal brand and style?

I always try to look put together, modern yet classic, polished, but without looking like I’m trying too hard.

I would describe my style as simple with a classic base and modern accents. I’m more drawn to easy to wear pieces and mixing high-end staples with less expensive pieces.

Whose style do you admire most and why?

The person’s style I admire most is my mother-in-law. She is absolutely beautiful and knows how to style herself to always look polished. Her style is classic, but young and modern at the same time. She is so great at mixing high-end clothing with less expensive brands, like Joe Fresh and H&M, yet she always looks like she’s wearing something straight out of a fashion magazine. I steal many style ideas from her, and hope to be that well dressed into my 50s.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, or Kate Middleton

What are the top 5 items or outfits in your closet?

  • Black Coach bag;

  • Michael Kors pumps with ankle strap;

  • Blue open-back dress from Club Monaco;

  • Grey coat from H&M;

  • Turtleneck tank from Uniqlo.

How have you created and refined your personal style over the years?

I choose wisely when it comes to trends. I look for minimalistic pieces that are nicely tailored. I’ve learned to select inexpensive clothing that appears to be high quality (by watching for quality stitching and well fitting materials/fabrics). I mix inexpensive items with high-end staple pieces like shoes, coats, and purses. A splash of bright lipstick can make even the simplest outfit more exciting and can bring life to your outfit.

What brands and types of clothing are you most drawn to?

Anything from Club Monaco. It’s one of those retail brands that has clothes that are simple, sophisticated, and are carefully constructed.

You’ve just been invited to a wedding. How do you plan your outfit and your accessories?

  1. I research the venue to gauge how formal you should dress. A wedding in a ballroom usually calls for a dressier outfit than an outdoor wedding. It also helps to think about the couple getting married – are they typically more formal or maybe they’re a more relaxed couple?

  2. I dress more classically for weddings – simple dress, classic clutch, and nice heels. I usually wear higher-end dresses to weddings – like BCBG, Club Monaco, The Bay, or Nordstrom. No matter how simple or distinctive my dress is, I still stick to a classic small clutch (black, cream, or sometimes gold), and nice heels.

  3. I always wear comfortable heels because I’m dancing all night! Good quality heels – no matter how high – are usually better on your feet. So, spend the extra money and make your feet happy.

  4. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, usually only my wedding ring and a small dainty bracelet that my husband bought for me when we first started dating. I wear it more out of sentiment than style.

  5. Finally, confidence is key – so whatever you wear, just wear it proudly and you’ll be good to go.

How does your style differ for work and on weekends?

I don’t think it does very much. I wear mostly dresses to work and mix in more jeans/pants on the weekends, but I feel like my overall style carries over. If I’m going out then I’ll add a little more makeup than my regular routine – eyeliner and bright lipstick go a long way. I definitely show more skin on the weekends. It’s inappropriate to show a lot of cleavage at work.

What’s the craziest item or outfit in your closet?

A faux fur stole from Club Monaco. It’s wild but I love it!

If you could have any piece of clothing or an accessory in the world — what would it be and why?

Black Hermès Birkin Bag – This classic will never go out of style. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a good quality black leather bag – and this one beats them all. The elegance and significance of owning one of these iconic bags makes it a goal I hope to attain.

Where do you go for style and fashion inspiration?

Mostly Instagram – I have a few favourites that I follow:

  • @Kattanita

  • @Eaemileeanne

  • @frassyaudrey

  • @Danielleasnyder

Tiger Round:

Heels or flats?


Pearls or diamonds?

— Diamonds

Bra or bralette?

— Both for different occasions.

Tote or satchel?

— Tote

Straightening iron or curling iron?

— Ahh! Too hard – both.

Instagram or Snapchat?

— Instagram

Hoops or studs?

— Studs

Scarf or necklace?

— Necklace

Trench coat or leather jacket?

— Trench coat

Lipstick or lip gloss?

— Lipstick