Blog Crush — The HIP Paris Blog

The HIP Paris Blog is an artistic, educational, and inspirational go-to guide for visiting and living in Paris, France. This website is the online hub for everything that is new and exciting in the city of light. The website has garnered a strong and loyal readership, made up of world travellers, Francophiles, artists, and foodies that are interested in Parisian life. The website offers visitors a unique view of the city, insider tips, secret hot spots, and insights about the Parisian lifestyle.

The blog’s editorial team consists of several volunteer writers and bloggers from around the world, a website designer, and several photographers and guests. The website’s mission is to provide its readers with the best way to experience the city and uncover the secrets that make Paris an irresistible city to visit and live in.

The website’s greatest strength is its use of visual aids and especially its enticing photography. Once the visitor has figured out the navigation and landed on a blog post that interests them, they find a traditional blog post format made up of horizontal text that is broken up with aesthetically appealing and visually captivating photos. These professional and artistic photos show Parisian life, Parisian culture, and Parisian architecture, and are the main attraction of this website. The photos show the visitor what life is actually like in Paris.

While the rhetorical premise of the website is entertaining and informational, the editorial adds credibility to the website, as the bloggers share their personal experiences of Paris. The bloggers write from the first-person perspective and share advice and accounts on several topics.

Writers post about a new restaurant or café that they have recently tried, interview a local painter or chocolatier, provide reviews of a music or fashion show that they attended, and show photos of their latest findings at a flea market. These personal accounts contribute to the authenticity that the website is trying to project, and fits into their mission of taking the pulse of the Parisian life and sharing it with their readers.

With the plethora of travel blogs on the Internet, The HIP Paris Blog takes a fresh and charming approach to showing its visitors a new and diverse side of Paris that you will not find in a travel guidebook. The HIP Paris Blog strikes an effective balance of projecting the Parisian style through its visuals, design, and editorial while maintaining a sense of credibility, authenticity, and effective website design. The witty and individual voices of the writers, use of scenic and real-life (not stock) photography and graphics, charming illustrations, and off-the-beaten path insights make this an excellent website for travellers and residents of Paris.