It Took a Village to Raise this Woman

Welcome to Tigers In Red Weather.

As a little girl, I remember teachers and family members constantly scolding me to get my head out of the clouds. I still struggle to walk on land at times, but have maintained my vivid imagination and childlike curiosity. Growing up as a dreamer, I was often spinning lazy circles around my latest conquest, acquisition, or interest without a sense of direction or guidance. I loved people watching, daydreaming, and thinking about the secrets that people kept secure behind their inscrutable eyes.

I quickly realized that through daydreaming I could escape the harsh realities of life by slipping into a world where I could become whatever I desired. I spent most of my childhood feeling like I was going to burst from this creative energy building up inside of me and knew I had to find a meaningful outlet. I realized that this journey isn't linear or finite; it's a never-ending adventure full of going with the flow and at times, swimming against the current.

On this journey into womanhood, I have met several women of all ages that have shaped the person that I have become. These women have influenced my political views, sense of self, spirituality, sense of style, hobbies, diction, and more. In one way or another, they have imparted a piece of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, or grace that I carry with me. All of these women have played a significant and invaluable role in my life. They have taught me patience, class, beauty, determination, and how to channel my energy into something constructive. Through this website, I hope to share some of these words of wisdom with you and create a space to celebrate these fearless and fierce females.

This website started as an assignment for a communications course, and I used the opportunity to turn it into something that I am deeply passionate about — dreaming and storytelling. The women featured on my website all have a unique story to tell, a personal journey, and lessons learned along the way. I'm so grateful to call many of them my friends and hope that their personal accounts and tips resonate with and inspire you just as much as they do me.

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